How did we get started?

In 2003 a group of friends decided to form DGAS and pay a weekly subscription so that we could hold workshops for other women interested in drumming. We held our own beginners' workshops and later invited respected tutors to run workshops on our behalf for more experienced drummers. With the help of Awards for All lottery funding and Norfolk County Council we were able to buy instruments so they could be used at workshops by those who did not have their own.

Who's on our Management Committee?

This is our management committee: Chair - Tracey Taylor. Treasurer and secretary - Carole Sunderland. Bookings secretary - Aileen Richmond-Shaw. Committee members, Jan Rockingham, Lorraine Burr and Gill Heriz.. If you are interested in helping DGAS please contact us.

How to become a DGAS ordinary member:

Anyone who comes to a DGAS workshop or the Monday drum night can be an ordinary member of DGAS by supplying their name, address, email details and being put on the DGAS mailing list. The present fee for attending the Monday drum
night is £3 - and for that you get tea and biscuits and you can borrow a drum for the session. Workshop fees depend on the type of workshop and how it is being funded. Occasional or one-off events e.g. Drum Camp are paid in full by ordinary members.

How to become a DGAS full member, plus the rights and responsibilities that go with it:

Full members commit to pay for a ten week period at the reduced rate of £2 per week regardless of whether or not one is able to attend. The Management Committee Treasurer is responsible for collecting these fees. All full members pay in full for any occasional or one-off events, e.g. Drum Camp, unless they are part of any Committee organising the event. Two member of the Management Committee and/or organising Committee members have free entrance to events unless the event runs at a loss and DGAS funds cannot cover any shortfall. If this shortfall exists, Management and/or organising Committee members will be expected to pay the shortfall by dividing the costs equally between them.

Voting rights of full members:

Full members can hold any post or sit on any committee in DGAS by being proposed, seconded and voted in at a regular meeting or AGM. Full members are invited to AGMs with voting rights and need to be given 21 days' notice of the meeting.

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